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Balloon Sinuplasty

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Unlike most surgical treatments, balloon sinuplasty offers relief from chronic sinus infections with no cutting and no removal of tissue.

Balloon sinuplasty is a novel, endoscopic technology that uses a tiny balloon catheter to widen sinus passages. It has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic sinus infections, and it has seen safe, effective use in 350,000 sinuses since its debut in 2005. Each day, approximately 200 sinus procedures are performed using balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon sinuplasty offers patients significant symptom relief and minimal recovery time away from their daily lives — often less than 24 hours.

How Balloon Sinuplasty Works

The balloon sinuplasty procedure involves four key steps:

  • The doctor inserts a small balloon catheter into the patient’s sinus.
  • The balloon catheter is inflated, gradually expanding and reshaping the sinus passageway.
  • The ENT Specialist may irrigate with saline into the newly open sinus to remove any obstructions and flush out pus and mucus.
  • The balloon catheter is deflated and removed.


Who Can Benefit From Balloon Sinuplasty

Chronic sinus infection sufferers who have not responded well to treatments focused on medications may find significant relief from balloon sinuplasty, with minimal complications and recovery time. Balloon sinuplasty is also frequently recommended for those who experience recurrent, acute rhinosinusitis. If you believe balloon sinuplasty could improve your life, please contact us for more information.