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Sinusitis Treatments

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Whether you’re suffering from an acute sinus infection or chronic sinusitis, our certified head and neck doctors can help you find relief.

At-Home Sinusitis Treatments

Most sinus infections are viral in nature and simply need to run their course. But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through your sinusitis unaided. Call us at Noble House Clinic for medication recommendations specific to your situation or to schedule an in-office evaluation. In the meantime, be sure to drink water to keep your throat and sinuses lubricated.

Antibiotic Sinusitis Treatments

If your symptoms of sinusitis persist despite medical treatment, you may require a further nasal and sinus examination by a specialist. Call (724) 656-5050 to make an appointment with one of our ear, nose, and throat doctors. They’ll run you through a thorough exam and, if necessary, prescribe an antibiotic or other medications deemed necessary to treat your sinus infection.

Sinusitis Surgeries

If you have a history of frequent sinus infections, you may be a candidate for sinusitis surgery. Noble House Clinic offers several types of sinus surgery.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
This sinus surgery standard threads an endoscope (tiny camera) into the sinuses to observe and remove impediments to airflow. Nasal polyps and other blockages are often removed using this procedure. A Balloon Sinuplasty can be performed while sitting on an exam chair in our office.

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